Ezway Awards


The eZWay Awards Golden Gala is an annual virtual and in person awards show where our honored guests can walk God’s Golden Carpet. We were the first awards show ever to produce and launch the first ever all virtual Golden Carpet. The eZWay Awards Golden Gala honors those with hearts of gold, that are helping to unite the light, the light being positive spiritual energy, we respect all religions equally. The eZWay Awards Golden Gala 1st production was in 2019 at the Center Club in Orange County Ca, with over 250 attendees, 140 nominees, 30 honorees 35 presenters and 2 hosts Eric Zuley and Reatha Grey. The 2nd annual eZWay Awards Golden Gala was a full virtual awards show conducted on Streamyard.

The eZWay Awards Golden Gala is an annual honoring ceremony for our eZWay Wall of Fame members that stand out in our eZWay Family.

eZWay Awards turns Legends into Legacies!

Our Legends 

* Sharon Lechter – Sharon Lechter Top Author Legend Award

* Greg Reid – Golden Award of prominence Legend Award

* Frank Shankwitz – Everyone Can Be A Hero Award

Our Committee Members