Ezway Awards

Nominations and Special Awards Categories

Event Producer of the Year :

A well done, strategically planned event is crucial to a successful outcome, bringing awareness and dynamic networking to those in attendance. Over the years a name will stand out in the event world and that name will be in line to receive the Event Producer of the Year Award.

Businessman of the Year Award :

A well done, strategically planned event is crucial to a successful outcome, bringing awareness and dynamic networking to those in attendance. Over the years a name will stand out in the event world and that name will be in line to receive the Event Producer of the Year Award.

Businesswoman of the Year Award :

The businesswoman of the year would be chosen by the awareness they have garnered through their exceptional accomplishments, efforts and admiration of others.

eZWay Family Award :

The eZWay Family is a close knit, gifted and caring group of individuals that have truly become a family. Being chosen to receive the eZWay Family Award is a special honor for a very special person. They have been recognized by the eZWay Family to be an exceptionally genuine family member.

Influencer of the Year Award :

To have an effect on someone may have altered their life, to have influential effect on many means you may literally change the course and direction of the world.

Health Professional of the Year Award :

Accomplishments no matter how numerous can be derailed by health issues. This award is given to someone who has garnered the awareness and admiration of many for their services in health and wellness.

Performer of the Year Award :

An artest that has honed their skills in the preforming arts to a level that gains the respect and admiration or their audience and their peer’s.

Master Connector of the Year Award :

Bringing people together along with specific introductions can change the course of lives. People will meet although an  individual that makes it their purpose to procure potentially meaningful and beneficial relationships is someone to be admired.

TV Producer of the Year Award :

Much time and effort goes into the production of a television show. The individual responsible in this effort must also have an array of skills in their field to produce a show that has a successful outcome.

Speaker of the Year Award :

The influential affects speakers have on their listening audience often leaves a lasting impression. A stand out speakers words can be indelible and have a lasting effect that can change the lives of their audience.

Rising Star Award :

So many strive to obtain awareness, admiration and success in the entertainment industry. It comes with hard work , perseverance and perfecting their skills. When one has these qualities and results are have become notable they become a rising star.

Podcaster of the Year Award :

Entertainment has become an integral part of online communication. Radio and television have been the mainstream in sharing the numerous programming for decades. Enter the “Podcaster”, todays mode of transportation in talk show entertainment . Although this field is numerous, one is chosen for their efforts and skills.

Golden Handshake Award :

Having the ability to not only reach out to others but to reach out with warmth, caring and a extended hand of welcoming which is basically the premise of the eZWay Family. An individual that is seen to have the attributes that encompass unity.

Filmmaker of the Year Award :

Film production, the making of a movie may take months to even years to complete. Cast and crew may consist of a small number to hundreds as seen on big budget trailers. Budgets may determine success but not always, all is reliant on the filmmaker.

Power Couple of the Year Award :

When an individual stands out for a particular skill,  accomplishment or personality they bring attention and admiration to themselves. When a couple stands out because of these these accolades they may receive an special award.

Tec Master of the Year Award :

In todays world of constantly changing technology there are those that stand out for their cutting edge skills. They keep up with and create trends that keep themselves and those they work with up to date and beyond in this age of computers.

The Golden Award of Prominence

To have gained a high level of awareness and status comes from creating a successful platform for yourself in the field you have chosen. You have the admiration and acceptance of many that has sustained.

EZWay Lifetime Achievement Award :

Throughout the years when one has has accumulated numerous accolades, affected others by their achievements and contributions along with having the admiration and love of many worldwide, we are proud to engrave their name on the eZWay Lifetime Achievement Award.


EZWay Awards Golden Gala Legends, Defined

Volunteer of the Year :

The recipient of this award has not only shown timeless devotion but a longtime constant track record of helping those in need. They have gone beyond the parameters of charitable giving.

Mentor of the Year :

With a long history of giving beneficial advice to help others in reaching their goals, the Mentor of the Year has proven to be a special individual that not only has knowledge and wisdom, they have made it their mission to share their gifts with others.

Top Author of the Year :

With countless authors throughout the world, there are those that stand out for a variety of reasons. Devotion to their craft, consistency with authenticity and their expertise in the transmission of thoughts to print to name a few.

Faith Conquers All Legends Award :

It’s not just having faith, it’s the belief in the faith you have. Although there are many that could receive such an award, an individual that stands out and exemplifies such devotion is one that will receive our Faith Conquers All award.

Heart of Gold Legend Award :

A caring, giving and kind person that has placed others before themselves is a candidate for the Heart of Gold award. An individual that may excel and have a regard for proficiency while wanting others to share in their attributes.

Everyone Can Be A Hero Award :

A very special award given to a very special man, Frank Shankwitz. A man who has devoted his life in making wishes come true. This award in memory of Mr Shankwitz, will be passed on to another individual that has shown to have a stand out, hero mentality in caring for others.

World Wide Impact Legends Award :

This award speaks for itself, not only does someone have a positive impact on others, they have impacted others on an international scale. It is not an easy task reaching out on a national scale but to have a world wide impact is truly commendable.

Branding Expert of the Year Award :

To build a brand, to develop a product, to bring recognition to an individual must be followed by greatly enhancing what has been built, developed and recognized. Successfully branding an entity, a unique skill, is often followed by a successful venture of that entity.

Power of Perseverance Legans’s Award :

After WWII ended Winston Churchill was asked to speak at a prestigious college in America, he came to the stage and sim Plasir “ Never Give Up “. This particular award reflects that spirit, perseverance will lead to results.

Entrepreneurial Achievement of the Year :

A word that has not only built America, it is a word that continues to enhance what America is, a country which continues to develop and build. Our country and the world relies on those with an entrepreneurial spirit an this award recognizes one person that has successfully attained this title.

Serial Entrepreneur of the Year :

Basically taking the task of being an entrepreneur to an extreme level. Not only creating and developing ones business but continuing on to multiple other successful business ventures. An individual that is a visionary and follows thru with their dreams.